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6 Compelling Reasons to Add Vitamin C Serum to Your Regimen

We’re crazy about Vitamin C and love that it helps to defend against the visible signs of skin aging. Not only does Obagi Professional-C™ serum smell amazing and feel wonderful on the skin, it also contains Vitamin C, which may help benefit the appearance of your skin for results that just can’t be ignored.

We want you to fall in love with Vitamin C, too, so we put together…

6 Reasons to Add Vitamin C Serum to Your Regimen:

#6 – Vitamin C Complements Collagen Synthesis

One of the ways that our skin keeps itself renewed and youthful-looking is through the production of a protein called collagen. As we age, our skin naturally produces less collagen than it did in our younger years, and less collagen can result in more signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C can help support the synthesis of collagen, which may result in the look of plumper, firmer-looking skin.

#5 – Vitamin C Calms Skin

If your skin is prone to redness, Vitamin C may be a good choice. Check with your skin care professional to learn whether Vitamin C can help calm your redness.

#4 – Vitamin C Retains Moisture

You probably already know that adding and sealing in moisture is an important part of your daily skin care routine, and the obvious way to retain moisture is by using a moisturizer. But, did you know that Vitamin C can also help skin retain moisture? Add Vitamin C serum every day and watch it work hand-in-hand with a daily moisturizer to help skin stay fresh-looking and moisturized.

#3 – Vitamin C Stabilizes Vitamin E

As an antioxidant, topical Vitamin E may help defend against the visible signs of skin aging. As an oil, Vitamin E can also help improve skin hydration and some studies suggest that it may help support cellular turnover on the skin. If you’re using Vitamin E as part of your daily skin care routine, Vitamin C can help stabilize it, making it even more beneficial.

#2 Vitamin C Brightens Skin

There’s nothing more appealing than beautiful, glowing skin; it’s one of the markers of vibrant health. Topical Vitamin C can help brighten your complexion and achieve youthful, fresh looking skin.

#1 – Vitamin C Supports UV Protective Defenses of Skin

The Number 1 Reason we love Vitamin C is because it supports the UV protective defenses of the skin. Exposure to UV rays can have immediate effects such as sunburn and long-term problems such as skin cancer and visible signs of skin aging. With daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30, the addition of Vitamin C serum to your daily routine can help your skin defend itself against some of the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Where To Find Vitamin C Serums

Obagi has captured the benefits of Vitamin C in our Professional-C™ serums, which offer Vitamin C in a rich, concentrated formula. Obagi Professional-C serums come in varying concentrations and:

  • Help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Are proven to be stable at a low pH for longer-lasting shelf life
  • Immediately penetrate the skin
  • And absorb and remain in the skin

Talk to your skin care professional about how adding Vitamin C can benefit your skin, and take a look at Obagi’s full line of products featuring Vitamin C.