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Discover Advanced Scar Treatment from Obagi !

Obagi Dermatix Ultra is a transparent, silicone-based gel for diminishing the appearance of scarring.

What it's used for:

Obagi Dermatix's Advanced Scar Treatment is formulated with a clinically proven silicone gel technology that softens, smoothes and flattens scars. Its silky, non-sticky finish dries quickly in order to form a protective barrier between the skin and potentially damaging environmental aggressors.

Advanced Scar Treatment is suitable for use on hypertrophic and keloid scars, as well as scars caused by burns, trauma and surgery.

Advanced Scar Treatment may be used by men and women of any age or skin color without irritation or pigmentation issues. Plus, Advanced Scar Treatment relieves itchiness and other forms of discomfort often associated with wound healing and scars. With Advanced Scar Treatment, you're able to recreate smooth, healthy and whole skin.